so my “life plans” may have completely changed. i might actually be staying in ohio!!! this makes me very happy. i am going to try to get a job like allyah’s, with OSU Medical Center, and work and go to OSU. elizabeth and i are seriously considering renting her parents’ apartment. this seems so all-of-the-sudden! crazy. i am really, really excited about the possibility. i LOVE ohio, and would love to stay here. i haven’t felt peace about the whole virginia situation all year, and i feel really excited about this possibility of the plan. now to pray about it. 🙂

training is like… halfway done! crazy. the kiddos are on practicum, and i miss them! it’s been really, really nice to have alone time, though, and time to just… get stuff done! 🙂 cleaning out fridges, organizing, etc.

still struggling with the feelings… but it’s not so much of a “struggle” now. more of just something that’s just there. this is the first time in a long time i think there might actually be something there… maybe, just maybe. i can’t find out for… a long time, though. ah, well. we’ll see.

church was really good this morning. i was convicted to confront things rather than talk about them to other people, and that i live in community, so why am i trying to do life on my own, and failing?