September 16, 2009

it is mid-september. SEPTEMBER! where the heck has this year gone!? soon i will be done at the SEND house, and that is crazy to me! we are in week three of training. the past week and a half have gone by really quickly… the first week felt like it was a month.

training is going well. tonight i am frustrated because i feel like i am the only staff enforcing rules. i really don’t want the REACHers to start testing boundaries and finding out they can get away with stuff because it could get out of control really quickly. some of my fellow staff apparently could care less about this. i am annoyed.

but yeah, it’s going pretty well. there are definitely people i feel more comfortable with than others, but that’s ok. i have had to confront some things, which i feel like is good for me, and it’s gone fine.

it’s hard to figure out where to draw the line in our relationships with the REACHers. how much is being too much of a friend? awkwardly i have been struggling with the whole flirting/touchyness situation, which is something i didn’t really expect to struggle with. awkward. yesterday andrew and i had a mano-a-mano about the situation.

have i mentioned that i really appreciate andrew? he’s great.

ah, there’s so much to talk about that i don’t even want to start. kayla has been gone for almost two weeks. weird. i think we have learned a new normal. i am struggling with random feelings for someone. awkward. very awkward.

new favorite song: “smile” by uncle kracker