saturday, november 8th

January 19, 2009

today was good. i slept in until 11 after going to bed at 3:30 and not falling asleep until at least 4. then i got up and made beef stroganoff for lunch. around three, mom took cris and i for our little “cris and wendy extravaganza”. we went to huembes, and didn’t find anything. then we went to centro comercial, where i got a foot scrub thingy, ponytail holders, and an eyebrow shaper thing.  then we went to metrocentro, where we looked at TV prices because ours just died. we also shopped but i didn’t find anything… cris got a few things. then we had dinner. i had a plato surtido from dona haydee’s and cris had mcdonalds. then we talked in the food court until our movie started. we saw “taken”, which was good, but sad and slightly scary. then we waited outside until dad came and picked us up. cris and i (more me) kind of went on a “fix up the house” rampage when we got home. we plan to continue tomorrow- we’ll see how that goes. tomorrow is no church because it’s voting day. the four of us are going to go- cris, dad, samuel and i. oh yeah, i forgot to mention that the reason i was up so late last night was that samuel and i were having a little “heart to heart”. i love that kid. my siblings are amazing. anyway, wally and i had a long chat today. i don’t feel like writing about it now, though, cause my hand hurts.


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