January 19, 2009

today was a wierd day. i have a lot of thoughts going through my head right now. we/i decorated the house all christmasy today. i love how i always get so stressed out about that whole situation. i think that in that respect, i am somewhat of a perfectionist. i also got really mad at cris i think twice today. and i had a fight with mom, and samuel was going to break up with abbey, but she wasn’t online and by the time he got back from the buzbee’s christmas party, she had gone to bed. awkward sticky situation, let me tell you. it makes me never want to be in a relationship, just to avoid the awkwardness of breaking up. now he probably is going to have to wait until she gets back from her cruise, which will be the 21st, like two seconds before christmas, and that’s always awkward/not a good situation. i really want to get a new computer, but i’m not sure if i want to shell out the money for it right now. i definitely need to get a camera, that’s for sure. i have no idea what to say that i want for christmas. tomorrow, i’m making taco salad for lunch, andt hen we’re having luis and graciela and co. over for dinner. that should be interesting.


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