June 14, 2008

i haven’t slept well the past two nights. what is up with that? last night my legs were really sore from the treadmill… that was probably part of the issue.

today so far i have had breakfast, read, walked/jogged on the treadmill, taken a shower, attempted to continue organizing… yeah. i wish i was organized, dang it. then i think i would know where to put everything, what to get rid of, etc. lunch should probably happen sometime soonish… hm. fruit sounds really good. actually, i’m not really hungry yet. hmm.

i am reading a book that i really like. it’s called “confessions of an amateur believer” by… i think her name is patty kirk? anyway, she kind of reminds me of anne lamott, whom i love. but then again she’s really different from her too. i appreciate her honesty and “real-ness”. i love “real-ness”.

people who talk to themselves have always made me nervous. but i just had a thought- if this is only for me to read so far, am i talking to myself by writing on here? but i guess it’s the same as a journal. currently my journal is more addressed to God than to… the journal/myself. i guess i am talking to myself. at least it’s not out loud. 🙂

i think i’m going to like this. i can put all kinds of random things on here like my random lists, old writing, etc. and it takes up no space! awesome.


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