June 14, 2008

so, i miss having a blog. i’m back from morocco now, so i’m allowed to have one. 🙂 i thought i’d try wordpress, because we used blogspot for our team blog in morocco and i wasn’t a fan.

last night i watched probably the strangest movie i’ve ever seen. “elizabethtown”. yeah, it was wierd. i can’t say that i loved it. towards the end it got betterish.

today i went shopping with my aunt and cousins. it was a successful shopping trip, because i was able to find what i set out to find- a bathing suit (our swartz family reunion is coming up, and it’s at a water park- heck yes i needed a bathing suit!). i found other exciting things as well, but i don’t want to bore you.

i am continuing to sort through my stuff and get rid of what i don’t need and organize what i do. i am trying to pack for virginia as well, and i’ve decided to take a good amount of my stuff this time, because i will be there for awhile, i think, and i tend to forget about stuff that i have when it’s not with me, so i buy more. then i get back to all my stuff and i’m like dang it, why do i have so much stuff?

i’m kind of excited to get to virginia. i’m probably going to regret ever saying that once i get there. i think part of it is just wanting to get there and get settled and not have to get up and leave quickly. well, that’s not even true, because like a week after i get there, i leave and go to normie’s bridal shower and conference. but then after that i’ll be there for awhile. i get so tired of packing and unpacking all the time, of living out of a suitcase, of always coming and going. i’m ready to settle down for awhile. also, i miss the elderly. and i’m excited to be there with chester and elizabeth, and i’m excited to live in a villa with elizabeth again. 🙂

i miss matt wolfer. that kid is awesome.

i think i’m setting out early tomorrow to pick strawberries, something i’ve never done before. which means that i should probably go to bed soon.



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